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Our Story

RHÔNE TO THE BONE was crafted by Ravoire & Fils as a range of wines that illustrate the typicity and gourmet properties of Côtes du Rhône wines.

If there is one region that Ravoire & Fils cherishes deeply it is that of the RhÔne Valley.

To understand our attachment to this exceptional region that is as rich as it is diverse, one has to go back in time to the year 1471, which is when our ancestors began producing wine. From one generation to the next, with unrelenting passion, our family has endeavoured to produce wines that illustrate the richness of our terroir. The deep understanding of the land and the pleasure associated with tasting have no doubt become etched in our genes and are now part of Ravoire & Fils DNA.

Our Story

Today, the quest to find the most expressive and representative terroirs of the appellation guides our efforts. This has led to the creation of a new range that embodies the authentic and unique characteristics of its native land: RHÔNE TO THE BONE.

Rhone to the Bone Wine - Photography by Marc Barthelemy
Rhone to the Bone Vineyard - Photography by Marc Barthelemy

The identity of RHÔNE TO THE BONE is deeply rooted in our terroir. This new range also attests to the respect, patience and persistence of passionate men to reveal the extraordinary potential of an exceptional region. Pierre Viellescazes and Philippe Cambie, in particular, have dedicated all their energy to create wines that strike the perfect balance between authenticity and pleasure.

With RHÔNE TO THE BONE we invite you on a journey through the RhÔne Valley.

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The Team

Meet our two great RhÔne Valley specialists who bring RHÔNE TO THE BONE to life. Together Pierre and Philippe compose the RHÔNE TO THE BONE blends in the manner of two musicians composing rock music, for the enjoyment of connoisseurs keen to discover new rhythms boasting harmonious chords.

Pierre Vieillecazes Rhone to the Bone winemaker - Photography by Marc Barthelemy
Pierre Vieillescazes

Pierre is a child of the land of which he has the typical accent the good nature and the love of Côtes du Rhône wines.

Upon completing his studies in oenology and with a significant experience in wine tasting Pierre left the country to hone his skills in Mendoza (Argentina) where he acquired a solid experience of wines from the New World. He then returned to work as Maître de Chai (Wine Cellar Master) for a prestigious estate of Châteauneuf du Pape, his native land.

In 2015 Pierre joined Ravoire & Fils as Oenology Director: he is in charge of defining the specifications for managing the vineyards and controlling the harvests. He is also responsible for overseeing the vinification and maturing processes and managing the relationships with our partner winegrowers.

RHÔNE TO THE BONE proved to be a great testing ground for this specialist of Rhone wines. Indeed, in his own words, the RhÔne flows in Pierre’s veins: ‘The wines from this region offer all the generosity and complexity that I love so much and that led me to embrace this career’.

Philippe Cambie Rhone to the Bone consultant - Photography by Marc Barthelemy
Winemaker consultant
Philippe Cambie

Philippe Cambie, 56 years old, enjoys listening to the song of blackbirds in the spring, the shade cast by the huge oak tree when he dozes off in his garden and he has a passion for wine. Wines from the RhÔne region in particular. His passion has taken him a long way, a very long way. Elected ‘Winemaker of the Year’ by Robert Parker in 2010, he has been awarded the perfect score of 100/100 by Robert Parker on 15 occasions. No doubt he inherited his passion for wine from his mother whose family owned vineyards in the south of France.

He also draws on his encounters and exchanges with winemakers. Humble and generous, Philippe is keen to pass on his knowledge. Today, he works with many estates and establishments, including Ravoire & Fils to help them reveal the full potential of their terroir, always with perfection in mind. Philippe Cambie was initially a mentor for Pierre Viellescazes, today he joins him on the RHÔNE TO THE BONE adventure.